Darul Arqam Center

The Darul Arqam Center is a modern Islamic center, an independent association, created by a group of well-integrated citizens in Denmark. The association wants to create good cooperation with the local community by arranging cultural and educational activities. It works both in a religious & social direction by organizing joint prayer and by addressing many practical aspects of integration and well-being.

Educational Programs

Weekly quran learning and hifz school for kids are organised by Darul Arqam Center Denmark to build a better future for next generation. Create interest in engineering education through IT and specialized computer courses for the young generation and by arrangement Bootcamp, Arrange IT course for adults, Arrange lectures and open house activities. Saturday evening tafseerul quran class is also taken.

Cultural Activities

The association wants to create an ideal climate for social relationships. We are an open community with room for all Muslims and we do not want an association with groupings by nationality or attitudes. We connect people with similar interests and try to create a strong bond in community. Creating a framework for social and sporting activities Increase interest in health and healthy lifestyle among citizens.

Prayer Times

Masjid Events

Participate in the community.
Conatact us to join events and classes.

Friday Prayers

Join us for Friday Prayers.
Parking is available very close.

Contact Us

Masjid Address

Darul Arqam Center Denmark
Frederikssundsvej 150
2700, Brønshøj
Phone: (45) 50255293

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